Getting closer to the customer with digital touchpoints

3D product configurators connect product portfolios with end-customers‘ demands by enabling visualized product browsing, data analysis, lead generation and a basis for future market decisions.

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A top manufacturer for automotive connectors disposes over a vast product portfolio. To leverage the sales process, they collaborated with ILI.DIGITAL and launched a 3D product configurator. The configurator is an intelligent digital solution to connect the dots between their product portfolio and their end-customers‘ demands in a future-proof manner.

Analyzing the pain points

The manufacturer’s existing assets, more precisely their product portfolio, formed an optimal basis to be enriched by digitalization.

Analysis showed an initial status including the following pain points:

The user journey between the end-customers‘ demand and their desired product has a high complexity

The product portfolio’s visibility is improvable

There is little information about who potentially interested customers are

A way to analyze future market developments is needed

Connecting these pain points and thus enhancing both the experience for the manufacturer and their end-customers was addressed by ILI.DIGITAL.

Digitalizing the sales process

The concept was to turn the manufacturer’s sales process into a comprehensive digital touchpoint with high user engagement. According to this concept, the configurator was developed. The development focused on four core aspects:

Visualization & Interaction

Replacing the previous online product catalogue with a 3D product configurator enables end-customers to select their desired products in an interactive, visualized way. They can modify the depicted connector 3D model until it fits their unique requirements.

End-customer engagement

Combining psychological principles with user research, the configurator was developed close to the end-customers. As a result, it offers an appealing user experience by providing interaction and customization functionalities.

Intelligent suggestions

The product configuration made by the user is matched with manufacturer’s product portfolio to find the product that meets the defined specifications. For ordering highly customized configurations, there is a possibility to directly contact the manufacturer.

Lead generation

Since end-customers must register for using the configurator, their contact and usage data are turned into leads and user insights for the manufacturer. Also, the required sign-up works as a filter for genuinely interested website users which increases a lead’s quality.

Turning data into future predictions

The 3D configurator intertwines advantages for both the manufacturer and their end-customers. While end-customers benefit from efficient navigation mechanisms to browse the product catalogue, the manufacturer gains important insights into the product preferences of its end-customers.

These insights enable the manufacturer to assess market development by analyzing data collected by the configurator. The data
for example shows the information on which product types and requirements are most frequently selected.

On this basis, assumptions for trends can be derived and the
manufacturer can adapt their product portfolio to optimally serve the market demand.


By working with ILI.DIGITAL, the automotive connector manufacturer was able to assess their end-customers‘ interests and turn them into efficient sales
actions. The acquisition of new customers was simplified, valuable leads were automatically collected, and both showed effects:
Newly generated leads represent a broad spectrum of possible new customers.

Furthermore, efficient portfolio management was driven by realistic product suggestions based on end-customer needs. The manufacturer can now use end-customer insights generated by the configurator for making informed product portfolio decisions, generating impetus for innovation, and conducting market research.

All of this allows to create future predictions and sets a basis for follow-up measures.

Key success factors

Briefly summarized, the configurator affects the manufacturer’s product portfolio by the means of:

Fair data

To use the configurator, end-customers must sign-up first. This provides an efficient solution to exchange leads with specific product knowledge.

Human-centered design & UX

The configurator was designed close to the end-customer and based on psychological aspects to provide an engaging User Experience.

Digital intelligence

Finding evidence in demand for new potential products and services.

Experts at ILI.DIGITAL

  • Vera // CMO
  • Daniel // Digital Business Builder
  • Amina // Developer

Project duration

ILI.DIGITAL follows a clear strategy which exactly defines how long single processes take.
Therefore, the time required for a project is easy to estimate.


Identifying opportunities and creating a portfolio of strategically evaluated value propositions for the next 3 to 5 years


Value proposition, value creation, and value capturing – designing disruptive business models ready to be implemented


Creating tangible and viable prototypes and making the created business models future-proof and disrupting the current business model


Transforming validated prototypes into real-world solutions and launching minimal lovable products


Scaling the digital business models to create new revenue streams and to ensure success in the future

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