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We are the leading masterminds
in the digital mobility industry.

the leading masterminds in the digital Automotive

Navigating the evolving landscape of the automotive industry demands a fresh perspective, innovative solutions, and a progressive approach to operations. At ILI DIGITAL AG, our consulting experts possess the expertise and global reach to revolutionize today’s automotive industry leaders and empower the trailblazers of tomorrow.

This era marks a significant disruption for the automotive industry, characterized by thrilling advancements in electric vehicles, autonomous driving, ridesharing, and more. These breakthroughs are not only reshaping the industry but are also poised to redefine our world. Throughout the past century, vehicular mobility has been a transformative force in society. However, there is still considerable ground for companies within the automotive sector to cover.

Our Approach to
Deliver Value for the
Automotive Industry

Welcome to ILI.DIGITAL – where innovation meets excellence. As pioneers in digital transformation, we redefine the automotive landscape, offering bespoke software solutions that propel your business into the future.

Tailored Software Solutions

Specializing in tailored software solutions for the automotive industry, our team comprehends the sector’s challenges.

Our software engineering is finely tuned to address specific needs, from optimizing supply chains to revolutionizing customer experiences.

Digital Mastery

Seamlessly navigating the digital era, we guide automotive businesses through adopting transformative technologies, enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and unlocking new revenue streams.

From IoT integration to data analytics, we ensure your business is future-ready.

Innovation for Sustainable Growth

Embrace the future of mobility with our innovation workshops.

Collaborative sessions bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and your team to develop cutting-edge solutions. From connected vehicles to generative AI and sustainable practices, we empower your business to stay ahead.

New Business Models

Explore and implement innovative business models redefining success in the automotive industry. Collaborating with you, our team identifies and researches on emerging trends, such as shared mobility, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving.

We empower your business to adapt and lead the future.

Customer-Centric Strategies

Placing customers at the core of every strategy is at the base of our approach, always aiming to prioritize end-user needs.

Whether it’s a seamless online car-buying experience or advanced in-vehicle technologies, we focus on delivering high value that has an impact on the consumer.

Driving Operational Efficiency

ILI DIGITAL software solutions optimize and streamline automotive processes, delivering cost savings, performance improvements, and a competitive edge.

Explore how we drive efficiency, empowering your business to lead in the fast-paced automotive sector.

What we do for our clients in the Automotive Industry

Getting closer to the customer

Engineering meets Game Engine

Our Latest Thinking on the Automotive Industry

We have a strong understanding of the latest technology and innovation, a wide network across different industries, and a variety of tools. This enables us to help position your business for the future, starting today.

Innovative Business Models

For the transformation of manufacturing and the development of future-oriented business models, SMEs need much more than a digital image of their machines.

Science fact – Not science fiction

Sevilay Gökkaya

General Manager MOBILITY at Toyota Motor Europe

We met with Sevilay Gökkaya in a local bookstore in Brussels to talk about Japanese philosophy and the future of mobility.

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        meet Yerim who is specialised in design research.
        meet Peter who is specialized in topic of gamification.

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            Why don’t you leave a message to us or simply leave your contact details. Our team will reach you out.
            Design Researcher

            meet Yerim who is specialised in design research.
            meet Peter who is specialised in topic of gamification.