Software Engineering Factory

Our Approach

Our Approach

As a software company for complex and interdisciplinary challenges, we connect humans and machines into a harmonized unit and go one step further today.

Building Software. Driving Excellence.

At ILI.DIGITAL, we unite innovation, digital transformation, and cutting-edge technologies in a customized, empowering, and value-added software development experience since 2019.
We solve your requirements with precision, speed, and expertise.

At ILI.DIGITAL, we have been bringing together innovation movements, digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies in customized, empowering and value-added software development since 2019. We solve your requirements through precision, speed and in-depth knowledge.

Our Portfolio Of Services

Explore how we establish hybrid tech teams globally, fast-tracking your software development journey.
From mastering tech trends to harmonizing cultures, we serve as your software engineering factory, ensuring innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Third-Party Software Development

Hybrid Software Development

Software Product Development

Enterprise Application Development

MVP / POC Development Services

Application Management Services

Project Management Support

Cloud Engineering Services

Cloud Migration Services

AI Development Services


The Software Engineering Factory is a hybrid-shore concept that enables you to utilize the knowledge and skills of our trained ILI.DIGITAL employees.

Track Record

With a history of successful collaborations and project deliveries, we have built a reputation for excellence in the IT industry.

Expertise Across

In an extremely agile environment, you our teams have experience in diverse industries, ensuring that we can adapt to the specific needs and challenges of your business.

Scalability &

We understand that business needs evolve, and our services are designed to scale and adapt to meet changing requirements.


At ILI.DIGITAL, we leverage a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies spanning both back-end and front-end development, along with robust cloud infrastructure and sophisticated data science tools.

This comprehensive approach ensures our solutions are not only innovative but also scalable and data-driven.


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Data Science

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Our team at ILI.DIGITAL includes all types of tech experts as front-end developers, data analysts, CMS developers, AI engineers, and other professionals, bringing together a variety of skills for complete solutions.

Full-Stack Developer

Front-End Developer

Back-End Developer

Data Scientist

QA Manager

Mobile Developer

UI / UX Expert

ML Engineer

Data Analyst

DevOps Engineer

Business Analyst

Project Manager

CMS Developer

Tech Support

Solution Architect

3D Developer

Technical PM

AI Engineer

Let's build something extraordinary together!

Personalized Service

We recognize the importance of a unified team that aligns effortlessly with your company's culture and principles.

Our approach guarantees a thorough selection of talent. Stay engaged at every step, from choosing skilled professionals to monitoring project timelines.

Direct Authority

Start a journey of global collaboration while maintaining local control.

Our Software Engineering Factory enables you to access a wide ranfe of international talent, creating a dream team tailored to your project goals.

Agile Development

Discover the flexibility of an outsourced software engineering team without compromising control.

Our approach lets you quickly adjust to market shifts, streamline development cycles, and stay ahead of the competition.

What distinguishes us from others

Our sense for opportunities

True innovation takes the courage to step outside your comfort zone and accept challenges. Our job is to sense opportunities sooner than your rivals and seize them effectively.

Our ability to execute

We combine strategy, design, and digital know-how to create and deliver long-term value for our customers. Our job is to deliver results. Always.

Our entrepreneurial thinking

We care about your future and your return on investment. Our job is to wake up the entrepreneur sleeping inside you and unlock your full business potential.

Your Partner To Excellence

Unleash the potential of your projects by crafting your ideal development team, booked to your needs.
You get full authority in your hands, flexibility at your fingertips, and direct access to high-level skill competences.







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        Design Researcher

        meet Yerim who is specialised in design research.
        meet Peter who is specialized in topic of gamification.

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            Why don’t you leave a message to us or simply leave your contact details. Our team will reach you out.
            Design Researcher

            meet Yerim who is specialised in design research.
            meet Peter who is specialised in topic of gamification.