We Care.

Table Karlsruhe e.V.

Food, where it belongs. We support the Tafel Karlsruher e.V. with food donations for the needy. In this way, we turn to people who live on the fringe of subsistence level and therefore can not feed properly.

Currently about 900 to 1,000 needy people are regularly provided by the Karlsruher Tafel.


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Hänsel & Gretel

For a better future for our children, Hänsel+Gretel aims to teach adults in Germany to think and act from a child’s perspective.


We gladly support Hänsel+Gretel foundation. The great goal is teaching adults in Germany to think and act from a child’s perspective. Since 1997, Hänsel+Gretel foundation sponsored over 450 projects which improve the living environment of children and teach adults to see the world with the eyes of a child.


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Refugees Welcome

We aspire to make a contribution and demonstrate solidarity. Motivating other people to initiate actions of their own.


This may be in the local community, in the neighborhood or at home. With our donation, we want to contribute to offering young refugees the things they really need and which will make their lives in Germany easier: clothing, toys, stationery and much more.

In close collaboration with the German Red Cross, the organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” (a heart for children) identifies what is really needed. This ensures that our donation will be carefully targeted and used in a meaningful way. Refugees are truly welcome.


Refugees Welcome!


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KA Integration Prize

As in the previous two years, ILI DIGITAL AG is once again supporting the Karlsruhe Integration Award.


As in the previous two years, we are once again supporting the Karlsruhe Integration Award. 


In Scandinavia, immigrants are referred to as “bilingual”. It sounds friendly and makes clear that they are “people with a migration background” – the way we in Germany express it, in our politically correct way, is awkward. To integrate into a new society without abandoning your own values is a major challenge. From our own experience and through our international projects, we know that integration is more than a challenge. Integration is a valuable opportunity that should be exploited.


Against this background, we support the business category of the Karlsruhe Integration Prize. The number of globally engaged firms is growing rapidly – and with it the demand for executives who have the experience and mentality to work in different cultures. Interculturally literate, they lead their companies into new markets, accelerate growth and promote socially responsible behavior. They have to accept change and innovation as an everyday challenge. That is why we believe they deserve our support and respect.

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Oskar Vivell

Supporting children with multiple disabilities is close to our hearts.


The Prof. Dr. Oskar Vivell kindergarten is a pre-school for physically and multiply handicapped children aged 2 to 6 years. Respect, acceptance and appreciation of the personality of every child, regardless of his or her disability, social, ethnic or religious background is very important to us. Our grant is used for the purchase of learning materials to assist communication.


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Flying Hope e.V.

Flying Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides free flights for children who are dependent on others and who do not have the necessary financial resources.

Flying Hope is a pilot network providing free flights for children who are dependent on others due to their physical, mental or emotional condition, and who do not have the necessary financial resources.

It was launched on October 16, 2010 in Hamburg with an inaugural flight from Hamburg to Dusseldorf. Flying Hope supports seriously ill children and their families by organising free flights to treatment centers or for treatment programs that are a long way from their homes.


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