Turning the iPad PRO LiDAR into a high-precision measurement tool

The mighty combination of Apple’s new LiDAR sensor with an advanced AI algorithm created a digital application to support the sales process for staircase lifts. The application for the iPad PRO LiDAR enables sales managers to capture precise measurements of staircases within minutes and revolutionizes their whole sales activities.

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The largest manufacturer of stairlifts in Germany produces elevator systems for various purposes, including stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair elevators, platform elevators, and passenger elevators. To sell their products, the company must accurately measure the objects where lifts are supposed to be attached. Together with ILI.DIGITAL, they developed a digital measuring solution using an iPad PRO LiDAR.

Analyzing the pain points

Analyzing the status quo of the current staircase lift selling process offered insight into the following pain points:

Time-consuming measuring process of staircases during the sales process

Flaw-sensitive measurement process

Manual data exchange

Developing a digital solution to turn those pain points into opportunities was addressed by ILI.DIGITAL.

Turning specified engineering know-how into a measuring tool

With the new LiDAR sensor, Apple created countless new opportunities for Augmented Reality applications. However, the accuracy of these applications is not sufficient for engineering applications yet.

Therefore, ILI.DIGITAL combined the LiDAR Sensor with an advanced AI algorithm to enable sales managers to capture highly precise measurements of staircases within minutes. That revolutionized the time-consuming photogrammetry technology and releases growth potential. This technological concept was turned into a measurement app.

Digital measurement system

Using an iPad Pro with a LiDAR sensor to measure staircases replaces complex measurement systems and is easier to use also by people who do not dispose of specific engineering knowledge.

Data exchange

A staircase coordinate list is automatically created according to engineering requirements and can be directly exported to Auto-CAD.


By integration of AR visualization, the measurement app is able to visualize a 3D model of how the lift will look like.

Offer creation

The measurement app provides an offer creation functionality to accelerate and simplify communication with clients.


Using consumer electronics for high-precision measuring is a revolutionary solution and gives the staircase manufacturer a pioneering position on the market.

The iPad solution allows the company’s salespeople to fully focus on their core competencies as they do not require engineering knowledge for measuring staircases anymore. Also, the whole sales process, including measuring and offer creation is accelerated by providing each step in one application. This immensely shortens the time between customer demand and the start of production.

Key success factors

All in all, the digital solution is built on the following three pillars:

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The technology merge of AI and AR offers an innovative way to measure staircases and benefits from speed and accuracy.

Creating synergies

Combining the whole sales experience in one application facilitates the sales process and makes it more efficient.

Digital intelligence

By turning the measuring process into a digital solution, the measurements are less likely to contain errors created by manual measuring.

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Project duration

ILI.DIGITAL follows a clear strategy which exactly defines how long single processes take.
Therefore, the time required for a project is easy to estimate.


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