Boosting sales processes with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

A holistic AI-based solution developed to map a
multi-layer film sales process in a single application by
offering functionalities to measure buildings,
documenting data, and curating offers.

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A leading global specialist for high-quality polymer films, sheets, and other polymer solutions offers a vast product portfolio containing a special multi-layer film that was developed for flat metal facades, HPL-boards, and aluminum surfaces.

The sales process for this film offered different opportunities for digitalization. To seize those opportunities, the company collaborated with ILI.DIGITAL and launched an AI-based app which supports facade renovation projects.

Analyzing the pain points

The original sales process consists of numerous steps including measuring house facades, documenting data, and curating offers. The sales process is carried out by processors who represent the touchpoint with customers.

Analysis showed that the following aspects could be further developed:

Complex curation of information before project initiation (e.g., geographical data, building condition, and customer contact data)

Information about material availability and order specific prices is not directly accessible for the processor

Long duration of the period between wanting to foliate a building and setting up a contract to initiate the project

Tackling these pain points and thus enhancing the overall sales experience was addressed by ILI.DIGITAL as digitalization partner.

A multitool solution for sales processes

To combine all aspects of the multi-layer film sales process, an app was created. The app measures buildings and automatically calculates from the measurements how many film rolls are required to foliate the relating areas. In the end, the app curates an offer that can be directly sent to the customer. Furthermore, it provides know-how about foliation, contains a CRM, and offers project overviews. The development of the app focused on four core aspects:


Using an AI-based approach, the app recognizes a building’s components when scanning it. It measures walls while thereby leaving out glass surfaces, doors, windows, etc. From the measurements, the app calculates the needed amount of film.


The areas measured by the app are highlighted on the screen. Additionally, the user has the possibility to select a color from the multi-layer film product range to get an impression of how the color would look like on the measured area.

Offer Creation

The app allows automatic offer creation while being connected to SAP. Therefore, it is possible to send offers directly to the customer.


Providing product-specific knowledge is another feature of the app. Users can e.g. access tutorials about foliation and have a whole KPI dashboard offering information on their project’s progress.

Unleashing the full business potential of a mobile device

The use of the app by processors gives access to valuable data that can be evaluated to influence further business decisions. The information collected relates to the time and location of projects, their scope, costs, and used materials. From this data, it can be deduced, for example, how high the demand is for a particular film color or at what prices end products are resold.


With the app, it is possible to equip processors with a powerful multi-tool solution. Supported by Artificial Intelligence
and Augmented Reality, processors benefit from a more efficient way to measure buildings. The processors’ heavy equipment
and paperwork are transformed into one single app containing the whole sales process.

Now it is possible to align sales processes and product development closely with the market based on the data collected.

Moreover, for the end-customers, the time between creation and implementation of an offer is shortened.

Key success factors

All in all, the app is built on the following three pillars:

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The combination of AI and AR offers an innovative way to measure buildings
and makes the sales process more efficient.

Holistic design research process

The app was developed in cooperation with processors to optimally meet
their requirements.

Digital intelligence

By analyzing the data collected, it is possible to gain valuable insights and to align business activities accordingly.

Experts at ILI.DIGITAL

  • Tim //
    Project Management
  • Peter //
  • Vinicius // Technology Implementation
  • Yerim //
    Design Research
  • Isabelle //
    User Research

Project duration

ILI.DIGITAL follows a clear strategy which exactly defines how long single processes take.
Therefore, the time required for a project is easy to estimate.


Identifying opportunities and creating a portfolio of strategically evaluated value propositions for the next 3 to 5 years


Value proposition, value creation, and value capturing – designing disruptive business models ready to be implemented


Creating tangible and viable prototypes and making the created business models future-proof and disrupting the current business model


Transforming validated prototypes into real-world solutions and launching minimal lovable products


Scaling the digital business models to create new revenue streams and to ensure success in the future