What is an advantage? Changing something. In the world. In our heads. Fundamentally. To change something, companies need a sense of opportunity. This sense is reflected in the ability to recognize how external knowledge could benefit one’s own work. This ability and the courage to radically change one’s perspective are the keys to setting trends of your own. This book shows in a practice-oriented way how leading experts at innovative firms generate new ideas and develop successful business models. The book includes contributions by renowned technology experts and innovative companies.

The book is for professionals as well as researchers and students. It focuses on innovation management, idea generation and business model innovation.

“Companies that can’t adapt to this rapid rate of innovation are doomed. You have to disrupt yourself, before someone disrupts you.“

Marc Randolph, Co-Founder of Netflix

“We definitely see the problem of companies having the fear that they lose their customer contact, once they join our platform – and I can totally relate to that.“
Sampo Hietanen, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, MaaS Global
“We will have to enhance our products based on new business models for a digital future. Business model innovation and product innovation are ideal partners.“

Martin Ertl, Head of R&T, CTO Strategy and Transformation at Bombardier Transportation

“Innovation is one of our core values and a top priority.”

Monika Kuklok, Leader Innovation Management & Ventures at TE Connectivity

Innovation Compass

Hardcover: 246 pages
Publisher: ILI CONSULTING AG; 1. Edition (January 2016)
Editor: Dr. Serhan Ili, Manuel Kaiser, Matthias Schmölders
Language: Englisch
ISBN: 978-3000518577

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