3D Developer

Unity, Unreal or native

As a 3D developer, you will play a key role in programming high-quality serious and consumer app, web or software solutions.

You will work closely together with game designers, artists and project managers.


With us you can expect new digital business models for top companies and creative work with the latest technologies – join our team now! 

Contribution of your own creativity to the design process of game features

Creation of technical design and software architecture documents

Evaluation and integration of plugins and third-party technologies


Experience in using game engines (e.g. UNITY, UNREAL, etc.) and/or native mobile development kits (e.g. AR KIT, AR CORE, etc.) to develop applications or games for VR, AR and MR

Knowledge in relevant scripting languages (C#, C++/Blueprint, Swift, Java, etc.) is essential

Developing 3D Real-time visualization applications

Experience of working with HMDs (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.)  and WebGL is a plus

Experience in 3D modeling and animation is a plus

Strong portfolio of high-quality work


„To be ILI“ „To be ILI“ means traveling far to reinvigorate innovation once again. It means vocation, commitment and passion. We are a highly selected taskforce with absolute focus: where we sense the innovation pulse, we actively start the conversation.

There are lions in the zoo. And there are lions in the wilderness. A lion in the wild is constantly hunting for prey. He constantly activates all his senses in order to be able to act with the right strategy when an opportunity arises. Therefore he is awake, alert and agile. A lion in the zoo loses its important hunting instinct gradually due to the guaranteed food supply. He is no longer constantly focused on picking up the scent of prey.

This is where ILI.DIGITAL AG comes into play. Our clients are looking for a specialist in innovation and digitalization. A mobilizer with a sense for opportunities and the ability to implement it. A strong entrepreneur for greater efficiency and growth, also with existing assets.


Since we not only challenge but also like to encourage, we offer you a high learning curve and further development opportunities.

In addition: